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Send the Moon

by Lonni Whitchurch

Lonni Whitchurch is an accomplished poet known for her vivid imagery and captured emotion. Her rich inner world translates into poetry that brims with honesty and resilience.

The moon figures prominently in its varied phases. Her poems alternate between Minnesota and Florida, two states that have been her home. She describes how full tropical moons are “haze and startle at once” while in the Midwest, at Christmas, “tinsel swings in the curve of a crescent moon.” The last line of the last poem in the book inspired her book title. 

The inviting poetry of Send the Moon is relayed with reason, as well as grace and intuition. Lonni does not shy away from adult themes, death, and relationships. Her poetry leaves us with a sense of what matters.

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“There is so much here: the grief of loss, but also of enduring tenderness, and the many-headed thing that desire is: to want love, or companionship, or comfort. I am most enamored with how these poems seek to register the poet’s fingerprint on her lived experience, and how knowledgeable they are about what ultimately transcends. I marvel at the imagination and resonance of these poems.”

— Tyler Meier, Executive Director, University of Arizona Poetry Center


“Lonni has a gift, words that speak to souls everywhere. An acute and compassionate observer of growing up in small town America, Lonni is a poet to be reckoned with.”

— Jill A. Johnson, author of Little Minnesota and Little Minnesota in World War II


“This collection of poems pricks the heart of anyone who has loved or lost. The day to day – or moon to moon – moments are entwined with memories mined to create images that resonate. Read. Reread. Enjoy.”

— Nancy K. Crevier, Editor, The Newtown Bee, Newtown, CT

“One Saturday morning I settled in with a latte to read Send the Moon. By the end of the book, I was so immersed and in love with its contents that I switched to a glass of chardonnay to reread the poems and savor each word. Lonni Whitchurch has a real talent for bringing life to her poetry using only the words that matter (and it seems that each word was chosen meticulously from the depths of her heart). Each of the poems captures a piece of Lonni’s life journey, one traveled from her roots in a small Midwestern town to the enormous world beyond. Through her poetry, Lonni gives us an inside view of her experiences with love, loss, growth, and more, unleashing the raw thoughts and emotions that lead one to understand what really matters in life.”

— Deborah Koland, EdD, MBA, strategist, researcher, writer, speaker


“I’m impressed.”

— Ted Taubeneck, BA, Princeton, LLD, Harvard Law School, former Board Chair, The Humanities Seminars Program, University of Arizona 


“These poems are sure to touch your heart with their self-revelations and keen insights into everyday emotions. It’s easy to feel a kinship with the author as she covers the gamut from happiness to despair, from jealousy to love, all with honesty and compelling imagery. The feelings and experiences are hers, but we’ve all been there. Send the Moon is a must for your bookshelf — these gems are guaranteed to be a memorable read time and time again.”

— Sherry Emerson, Registered Nurse

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Lonni Whitchurch

Lonni Whitchurch graduated with honors from Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota and taught high school English for seven years. She also wrote and produced a radio program called “Women Like Us” for two local stations. During a two-year span, she interviewed talented and inspiring women and reported on topics of interest to women in trying to improve their lives. 

After moving to Florida in 1987, she created the concept for a chain of cafes based on Minnesota Wild Rice called Lonni’s Sandwiches, Etc., which she owned for 21 years.

Her poetry manuscript started as a thesis for her master’s degree and the poems were written over a span of 30-plus years. She attended two Upper Midwest Writer’s Conferences.

Whitchurch lives in Clearwater, Florida, with her cats, Iris and Orchid. She has a rescue group called The Cat’s Meow Gang.


For more information or to set up an interview, please contact Lonni here.